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There’s nothing more important than a person’s story.

Laura learned that from her granddaddy, a man who knew no strangers and could weave a tale for hours on end. And it’s the telling of the story that matters, keeping an event alive beyond mere moments. Gossip, journalism, parables—these are what make us human.

Laura lives this understanding, both as a journalist, essayist and author. Her work has appeared in Parade, USA Today, Parents, The Advocate, and Baltimore’s City Paper. She is enrolled in the Creative Nonfiction MFA program at Goucher College, is on the board of directors for the American Society for Journalists and Authors and is a member of the NLGJA (The Association of LGBT Journalists).

The author of three books about math—Math for Grownups (2011), Math for Writers (2014), and Your Daily Math (2016)—Laura also develops math curriculum for a variety of companies around the country. In 2008, her long-form narrative piece, “Raising a Glass,” received an honorable mention in the A.D. Emmart Awards for Maryland journalists.


When tragedy hits, the Army Corps of Engineers has boots on the ground.

Kevin Wagner lost everything. Once the levees overflowed during Hurricane Katrina, water poured into his Chalmette home in lower Saint Bernard Parish, eventually climbing two to four inches above the eaves. Levels rose to six inches above the cabinets in his mother-in-law’s second-floor kitchen. His mother’s house did not fare any better.

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Photographs of microscopic organisms line the walls of the Institute of Human Virology entryway.

Resembling modern abstract paintings, these framed images of colorful cells are at the root of the deadliest pandemic of our time–HIV.

For the layperson, these beautiful photos belie the horrendous impact of AIDS. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that in the 25 years of the AIDS pandemic, more than 500,000 Americans have died of the disease, and 25 million people have died worldwide. According to Dr. David Holtgrave of Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, in the United States a person dies from AIDS every 33 minutes, and there is a new HIV infection every 13 minutes. Amazingly, about 25 percent of the 1.1 million people in this country living with HIV don’t even know they are infected.

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It’s a weird combination, math and writing, but with a degree in math education, Laura’s authoring has focused on the Queen of Sciences. She has published three math books, all for grownups, not kids.

Your Daily Math (Fall River Press, 2016) features 366 math and logic problems—one per day, plus Leap Year. The idea is to give grownups the opportunity to sharpen their skills and perhaps keep their gray matter active.

Math for Covers

Math for Grownups (Adams Media, 2011) started it all. A sometimes funny, always accessible book about the math grownups need to be, well, grown up, each chapter focuses on a particular area of life when math is helpful. From gardening to vacationing to shopping, the problems are crafted in a narrative that keeps readers interested and even learning.

Laura wrote Math for Writers: Tell a Better Story, Get Published and Make More Money (Limitless Press, 2014) when she realized that her colleagues were having difficulty with statistical analysis and finding percent change. The three sections are devoted to math in reporting, the math of getting published and the math of managing a freelance writing career.



When Common Core hit the scene, Laura realized there was a real demand for mathy-types who can write. Her curriculum experience has spanned upper elementary, middle and high school math courses. She’s written online, interactive math courses, edited lessons created by other writers, and even written scripts for short math films. Her expertise is in breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas, while keeping in mind the many things teachers juggle in the classroom. Over the last 10 years, she has contracted with more than 10 companies to provide engaging curriculum designed to turn students on to math—while giving them the confidence to succeed.

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