It’s a weird combination, math and writing, but with a degree in math education, Laura’s authoring has focused on the Queen of Sciences. She has published three math books, all for grownups, not kids.

Your Daily Math (Fall River Press, 2016) features 366 math and logic problems—one per day, plus Leap Year. The idea is to give grownups the opportunity to sharpen their skills and perhaps keep their gray matter active.

Math for Covers

Math for Grownups (Adams Media, 2011) started it all. A sometimes funny, always accessible book about the math grownups need to be, well, grown up, each chapter focuses on a particular area of life when math is helpful. From gardening to vacationing to shopping, the problems are crafted in a narrative that keeps readers interested and even learning.

Laura wrote Math for Writers: Tell a Better Story, Get Published and Make More Money (Limitless Press, 2014) when she realized that her colleagues were having difficulty with statistical analysis and finding percent change. The three sections are devoted to math in reporting, the math of getting published and the math of managing a freelance writing career.