My Queer History: Me and the Indigo Girls

I came out at about the same time the Indigo Girls hit the Top 40 Charts with “Closer to Fine.” For the last 30 years, they have been my queer companions, their words, melodies and harmonies like close friends as I tried to figure out who the hell I was. In their words, I found secret messages and literature references. I recognized the small-town childhood of Amy’s music and the book-learning in Emily’s songs.

This series of essays, published on Medium, is a conversation with the Girls’ music as it relates to my queer history.

My Queer History: “Burn All the Letters”

My Queer History: “Dirt and Dead Ends”

My Queer History: “Driver Education”

My Queer History: “Fugitive”

My Queer History: “Go”